​​WindRiver K-9 Seminars

​​WindRiver K-9 Seminars

Everyone that works with Beat knows his exceptional skill at determining wind and terrain strategy for searching.  His expertise for instruction includes wilderness training, tracking, water training, and avalanche training. He is one of the best for developing plans for working your search area.  Monica (Beat's better half) also joins us at times during seminars. Her timing and knowlege of detection training is extremely important for beginners.  

Beat Marti has worked as a software engineer for many years for Digital Equipment Corporation. He joined a startup company in Massachusetts 1994 as VP of Customer Service. Four years later he participated, as a software architect, in pioneering the very successful video-on-demand product that is widely used today. In 2001, he moved to Jackson, where in 2004 he decided to retire and spend most of his time enjoying the outdoors and working his dogs Chief and Mahko for K-9 Search & Rescue.

Beat is a member of Jackson Hole Search Dogs and True North Search Dogs. He started his searchdog career with his 7 week old puppy "Chief".   He has been non-stop training ever since..... 

Beat has been handling German Shepherds since 1978 years. He started tracking 1989 and achieved certifications in AKC CD /TD and CKC TD/TDX. Beat is a certified first responder and trained in "Managing the Lost Person Incident", "Managing the SAR function", "Mantracking" and "Avalanche Safety". He has taken a number of related search dog training seminars such as "Xtreme K-9 Mantrailing 1 & 2",  "HRD", "Cadaver", "Wilderness" and "Avalanche K-9 Search" as well as several High Country K-9 Seminars.

Beat Marti​