​​WindRiver K-9 Seminars

Janet Wilts

Rapelling with a dog, showing a way of moving him from front to back at the rappeling terrain can change.
He looks so happy... 

​​WindRiver K-9 Seminars

I am a retired Park Ranger, Law Enforcement Specialist from Grand Teton National Park, in WY.
In 1988 I started training my own searchdog. I am now training my 8th dog. 

My training has included:
Law Enforcement
Search Manager                                   Operations
ICS                                                              Managing Search
EMT Basic since 1981                       Park Medic 5yrs
Technical Rescue                                 Cave Rescue
Swift Water Rescue                             Evidence Management
Man Tracking                                        GPS, Mapping
Dive Certification
My search and rescue career started in Yosemite over 30 years ago. My duties included working technical rescue, searching for lost persons and ski patrol. 

During my career as a search dog handler I have  had the opportunity to evaluate and certify more than 100 dogs, including : Search dog handlers,  narcotics dog handlers and Ski Patrol members. 

For the past 16 years I have been a certified narcotics dog handler.  I am also a certifying official for the National Police Canine Association (NPCA). 

As a trainer and instructor, I have conducted many seminars during the last 15 years in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, California, South Dakota, Texas, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.  

Seminar topics have included: trailing, beginning and advanced cadaver/HRD, beginning SAR dog training,  avalanche, water, rappelling with K-9's, K-9 drives, scent theory, beginning and advanced wilderness search, avalanche training and search strategy.