Sam Heigh

​​WindRiver K-9 Seminars

​​WindRiver K-9 Seminars

Sam (Denise) has a knack for teaching scent movement and scent theory. She excells in conveying her knowledge to search dog handlers for improvement in reading their dogs and searching their areas efficiently.

Sam is a Montana native with numerous years of outdoor experience enjoying recreational camping, hunting and hiking.  She is an experienced search and rescue member with experience in man-tracking, orienteering, GPS, navigation, four wheelers, snowmobiles, rope rescue, rappelling, CPR, wilderness first aid and managing the search incident. 
She recently completed the MDT Aeronautics Division Surratt Winter Survival Clinic held in Western Montana. 

Sam is a certified K9 handler with over ten years of experience training and fielding search and rescue K9s.  
She is a search dog instructor conducting seminars with other instructors in cadaver, water, air scent and trailing in Arizona, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.      

Sam is a member of the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s office as an auxiliary deputy that includes helping with major incidents such as fires, floods or other critical incidents.  She has over 20 years experience in leadership and working with large groups of people on various projects including ICS providing a solid background for working on search incidents. 

She also conducts presentations for school age children on working with search dogs as well as NASAR Hug-a-tree programs.